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One of the most important aspects to consider when installing your large umbrella or parasol is the base. Below we have details of each of our three most common parasol base options.

1. Two part In-ground base
What is it?

Arguably the strongest of all of our parasol bases, the in-ground base is a metal tube permanently set into a block of concrete. With two separate sections, held together by four bolts, it is possible to remove the top half of the base and replace it with a cap when not using the umbrella.

In-ground umbrella bases are suitable for most outside flooring; including decking, tiles, flagstone, and brick paving.

While we do believe that the in-ground base provides more stability in stronger winds, we still recommend that the canopy is closed in winds of 20mph or more.

Who installs it?

When it comes to installation of an in-ground parasol base we have two options.

Our team are fully trained in base installation, and we are happy to offer a full delivery and installation package.
Alternatively, you may wish to have the base installed yourself - In which case we can offer full guidance and technical support throughout.

What does it look like?
Poggesi Parasol Base


Strong in-ground parasol base


parasol base


Large Garden Parasol with Strong Base


2. Surface base
What is it?

When you’re looking for a parasol base option that is rather less permanent, we use surface bases. Rather than having all the base weight underground, these bases are essentially trays with four large shaped blocks. The tray itself weighs 26kg, and each block offers a further 30kg.

This is still a very strong base option, and offers far more flexibility when moving the umbrella in the future.

Who installs it?

With no actual installation necessary, we will deliver the surface base at the same time as the umbrella itself, and find the most suitable location with you. Of course if you decide to change the location in the future, all you need is two people and around an hour to move the umbrella to the new location.

Will I see the blocks?

While the weighted blocks are shaped and considerably more pleasing to the eye than most moveable parasol surface bases, we do offer base covers to hide the blocks. Made from the same powder coated aluminium as the umbrella structures, they are a simple and effective solution.

Poggesi Surface Base


Heavy Parasol Base


Big Umbrella Base


Large umbrella base weights


3. Deck plate base
What is it?

Deck plates, or mounts, are another permanent base option which we offer as an alternative to in-ground bases. These metal plates come in various sizes depending on the level of support needed, and are fixed to the ground using heavy duty bolts. Again, these bases are ideal for use in decking, flagstone, tiles and on concrete pads.

Who installs it?

Similar to the in-ground bases, either we can install the deck plate for you, or you may wish to use a known contractor to carry out the work.

What does it look like? 
Poggesi Deckplate Base Solution


Bolt Down Base for Umbrellas & Parasols


Bolt Down Deck Plate Base


Strong bolt down parasol base