M  A  G  N  U  M

Handmade in Italy by Poggesi, the Magnum is the largest commercial Centre Pole Umbrella that we supply. With canopy sizes ranging from 4.5m square up to a massive 7m square, this Umbrella certainly makes an impression.

At the forefront of umbrella and garden parasol design, the Magnum is one of the strongest, most beautiful giant commercial umbrellas in the world.



Key features of the Magnum include:

Mast Strength - 80mm mast for sizes up to 5m square, and 100mm for sizes up to 7m square.

Telescopic Mast - As the canopy closes, the centre of the umbrella rises, allowing the umbrella to clear tables and other pieces of furniture.

Colour - While the majority of commercial grade umbrellas are supplied with white masts, the Magnum is usually supplied in Matt Graphite Grey for a more contemporary look. That being said, there is the option have the Magnum in almost any colour you wish. 

Size - The Magnum is available in a large variety of sizes, from 3m x 3m square up to 5m x 4m rectangular.

Design - Stunning, contemporary Italian design.

Several base options - A number of base options are available for the Magnum.

Light and Heat - All Magnum models are light and heat adaptable - Ready to help make the most of your evenings.

Canopies - All of our canopies are fully waterproof, non fade, teflon coated acrylic.

At Wells Umbrellas we strive to match any genuine Magnum quote from another umbrella specialist, ensuring you will always receive the highest quality products at competitive prices.



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