C  L  E  A  N  I  N  G    S  E  R  V  I  C  E


Here at Wells Umbrellas we’re fully aware of the toll that our varied climate can take on all outdoor furniture, especially large garden umbrellas. Most quality umbrella and parasol canopies are made of hard wearing materials such as Acrylic, and are almost always coated with Teflon for added protection from rain – These are certainly things you would want to look out for when purchasing a new parasol. However, even with the most robust of umbrella membranes there comes a time when the UK’s climate can start to make them look dirty and tired. This is why we offer our umbrella and parasol canopy cleaning service.



This fast, reliable service includes:

  • Collection of your umbrella canopy at a convenient time for you.
  • Full professional cleaning and re-proofing to ensure better protection against the elements.
  • Basic maintenance check and cleaning of the umbrella structure.
  • Delivery back to you and re-fitting of the canopy.
Large Garden Parasol Cleaning


Cleaning Large Umbrellas


Umbrella & Parasol Cleaning Service

Once the parasol cleaning process is finished, we can also check for any damage and advise you on the best solutions. By caring for and maintaining your canopy we can increase its overall longevity. Whether you have umbrellas at home or in a commercial setting, they’re there not only for protection but also to look stunning and make an impression. Look after your canopies, and they’ll look after you.

For more details of our cleaning service please contact us today.