Toscana Garden Parasol Delivery – Kent


We were back in Kent this week, to deliver one of our beautiful Toscana parasols.

This particular parasol features a 3m x 3m black canopy, graphite grey structure, and a 700mm x 700mm surface base and cover.

Parasols are regularly positioned in open space, and centrally over the top of a dining table. However, by positioning the canopy over a doorway, or in this case parallel to a covered dining area, you can extend the space and create an 'outdoor room'. - perfect for entertaining, or enjoying a relaxed Sunday morning coffee.

For more information on creating outdoors rooms, and finding the correct positioning for your parasol, please contact us today!


Toscana Garden Parasol - Kent



Toscana Garden Umbrella



Poggesi Toscana Garden Parasol



Poggesi Parasol Surface Base and Cover